One Person’s Experience at Disneyland with a Scooter Rental

So recently I had a client tell me about her first experience with a scooter rental at Disneyland and the difference it made for her and her family. The story began with her history before she ever rented a scooter. For years the Daniels family have been going to Disneyland for 3 days in December. Mrs. Daniels would push her body all day at the parks while trying to keep up with her family. Due to this body exhausting first day her last days of their family trip, would be spent sitting at the hotel, while the family went on without her. Last year on her family’s annual trip to Disneyland, her son decided to rent an electric scooter for her. What a difference, she and the family zipped around the parks all three days, she got to see her grandchildren smiling the whole trip.

With the success of their last trip this year her family decided to extend their annual trip and visit not just Disneyland but the surrounding amusement parks, Knott’s’ berry farm as well as Universal Studios. Mrs. Daniels called around; she was concerned about renting a scooter outside of Disneyland. She voiced all her concerns about the trip in addition to what she liked and didn’t like about the scooter they rented the pervious year at Disneyland. Once I heard the plans I knew they needed a portable scooter that could travel with them.  I suggested the Phoenix HD 4 wheel. The Phoenix is a portable chair that fit right into their rental car’s trunk.  We delivered the scooter to them at their first hotel in the Disneyland area and picked the scooter up at their final hotel destination in Universal Studio. Mrs. Daniels and the family kept saying how having the portable rental scooter eased one of their major anxieties helping make their visit to southern California one of best family trips in years.

Looking to rent a scooter for your upcoming trip to Disneyland visit our website or call 1-855-981-SOAR (7627) and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.


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