Why Rent a Portable Vs. a Deluxe Scooter When Visiting Disneyland or the Anaheim Resort Area.

As the General Manager of Soaring Scooters I’m consistently asked, “what is better, the Portable scooter or the Deluxe Scooter?” I’m going to do a full breakdown of all the differences. Allowing all our customers who like to do their on diligence, by researching the answers to all their impending queries so that they will be able to make an educated choice on your own.

Let’s Begin with Portable or Travel Size Scooters.

As in the name, the portable scooters are just that, portable! Most travel sized scooters break down between 4-6 parts so that they can easily be put in a trunk or in the back of the SUV.  These scooters are compact, making them perfect if you plan on visiting more than just Disneyland, such as Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, the beach or any other Southern California attraction. Most Portable scooters have a short mile range between 12-14 miles and weigh 100lbs., with the heaviest part being around 40 lbs. Normally they have halfback seats with adjustable steering columns. The battery lives will last 8-9 hours, depending on your mileage. We always suggest plugging these in about halfway through your day at Disneyland or other activity for an hour or so, extending your time and mileage for the day.

When Luxury Meets Portablility

Please note, I did mention the word most this is because starting in August, Soaring Scooters will be introducing a new Luxury Deluxe Portable scooter called Buzzaround LX. This luxury travel scooter comes complete with the comfort of a full-size deluxe unit but with the portability of a travel scooter. The Buzzaround LX is perfect for almost any situation and comes standard with a massive 375 lbs. weight capacity, rear suspension, Captains seat and up to 18 miles on a single charge that can last as long as 14 hours. The Buzzaround LX possesses one of the largest weight capacity in the industry for any travel scooter, but still offers the comfort and accommodations of a full-size unit, it also includes a standard USB charging port conveniently located on the tiller. This allows you to charge your electronics on the go while still utilizing the Ultrabrite LED head and taillights and the “Infinite” adjustable tiller. The Buzzaround LX perfectly combines the convenience of a travel scooter with the durability and comfort of a full-size unit.

Soaring Scooters has a Scooter for Everyone and Their Needs

We here at Soaring Scooters have three different size deluxe, full size, non-portable scooters. What does that mean. Full size non-portable means that these scooters cannot be broken down and put in the Trunk or SUV unless you have a special scooter hitch for your car. Deluxe scooters have full Captains seats, which are easily adjustable, rear view mirrors, with 18+ miles that can last 14-16 hours on a single charge. Deluxe scooters are perfect for taller customers that have, not only difficulties walking but have hip, back or leg injuries that require the ability to stretch out their legs and lean the seats back into a lying position. Soaring Scooters carries deluxe scooters that have weight capacities from 350lbs to 500lbs. They are great for being able to go to the park all day and back to your hotel with out the need to recharge half way. Our Panther is the only deluxe scooter in our fleet that has the added bonus of a  USB charging port and rear shocks giving it a smooth ride all day long.  

As General Manager I hope this clears up the difference while helping you decide what is best for the person needing a scooter, however if you are still not completely clear don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 customer service hotline and speak to one of our mobility scooter experts.    


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